Due to being a part of the Eastern Group of the Azores – located to the east south –, this island has a dryer and warmer climate, with a lot of sun exposure, for which reason it comes closer to the Mediterranean characteristics oscillating between average air temperatures of 57.2ºF (14ºC) and 71.6ºF (22ºC).

The Beaches

The Formosa and São Lourenço beaches are the most sought after not only by locals but also tourists from all over the world due to their familiar and pleasant environment, calm waters, and white sand, as well as the possibility to do water sports like surfing, windsurfing, water skiing, and sailing.

This island has a set of footpaths that have been recovered and placed at everyone's disposal. These well-marked footpaths and lookout points enable you to contact with incomparably beautiful landscapes.


Throughout the month of August there are many festivities taking place all over the island. This is the case of the worshipping of the town's patron saint, Our Lady of the Assumption, which takes place every year on August 15th.
The Main Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, which dates back to the 15th century, is one of the oldest temples of the Azores.

Extremely rich cultural
and landscape heritage.

The Festival of the Holy Spirit

The Festival of the Holy Spirit is celebrated in every parish of the Azores every week between Easter and Pentecost Sunday.
Vila do Porto honours Our Lord Holy Christ of Miracles.

Maré de Agosto Festival

The Maré de Agosto Festival takes place every year on the last weekend of August at the Formosa Beach.
This is a unique show that has been repeating itself for a quarter of a century and attracting many international artists.

Vila do Porto Marina

The Vila do Porto Marina, which was recently inaugurated, is a national and international tourist attraction.


This island has a very rich gastronomy out of which the Turnip Broth, Bolo na Panela (pork broth with flour cake), Liver Sauce, Fish Stew, and Soup stand out.


This island stands out in terms of handicraft due to its porcelain production as well as that of other red clay pottery.
Its wool jumpers, colourful patchwork, and linen cloths are also well-known.
The Santa Maria Museum is in fact a must-see.

Fishing or Spearfishing

Given this island’s natural conditions – particularly its climate and geographic location –, this coastline is not only ideal for some water sports but it is also perfect for diving, fishing, and spearfishing.

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