Política de Privacidade

Grupo Praia de Lobos undertakes to assure quality services for all its website visitors and full compliance with all privacy-related aspects.

Protecting Information
Whenever your personal information is required, which is the case when you subscribe to our newsletter or book a stay on the website of Grupo Praia de Lobos – Hotel Santa Maria and Hotel Praia de Lobos, when you send us a request for a conference or event at your company, or a spontaneous or requested application form, all your personal information shall be solely used for that purpose and eventual statistical analyses for marketing purposes exclusively carried out by Grupo Praia de Lobos. Your data shall not be forwarded to third parties, they shall be for the exclusive internal use of Grupo Praia de Lobos.

Whenever you visit our website, a small text file (Cookie) will be created and saved on your computer’s hard disk. This file will be able to recognise you allowing for easier and faster access of the web pages as well as their customisation. We also identify your computer’s technical information whenever you visit our website like your IP (Internet Protocol), operating system, and type of browser. We use this information to improve the quality of your website visits and we shall not disclose it to external entities. Most browsers accept these files (Cookies) automatically, but you may delete them or set them to be automatically blocked. You will find help on how to configure this on the ‘Help’ menu of your browser. However, if you do not allow cookies, you may not be able to use some features like not being able to access some parts of the website or receiving personal information.

In order to ensure the safety of your data and maximum confidentiality, we process all information you provide us with utmost confidentiality in accordance with our internal safety and confidentiality procedures and policies. Grupo Praia de Lobos undertakes to protect the privacy of its website users and only collects personal information provided voluntarily, which shall only be used for its intended purposes.

Grupo Praia de Lobos does not collect personal information that may identify you or in regard to your personal elements without your consent. Thus, we may collect and save information provided by you voluntarily, including – but not limited to – individualised personal information, such as your name, address, e-mail address, and phone number.

When you visit and subscribe to features that are available on our websites, we may feel the need to collect some of your personal data so that we may provide you with any information or clarifications you need.

There are other types of information – in this case, non-personal and non-individualised –, which we only record to help us maintain our websites useful and ensure our visitors with a good browsing experience. Such information is recorded by means of your internet browser’s window, which is: the internet protocol address through which users accessed the website, the internet address of the website that redirected you to our website; the most visited website pages, type of browser, operating system, etc.

Personal information you provide may also be considered for the purpose of hiring if submitted on the concerned section of the website. Personal information collected there shall only be considered for this purpose and shall be deleted from time to time. In this case, we cannot carry out corrections, for which reason you should resubmit your information (internships).

After collecting individualised personal information voluntarily provided by you, Grupo Praia de Lobos shall preserve and keep it until otherwise instructed, or until its deletion is required by the law.

Children under the age of 18 must get consent from their parents or legal guardians before accessing or making their personal data available on Grupo Praia de Lobos websites.